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28 Day Accelerated Recovery Coaching 

 The flagship of Bullet Train to Sobriety is a 28 Day Program we call "Rapid Transit Recovery."  It is designed for the Alcoholic-In-Recovery who wants to take their recovery to the next level.  The emphasis is on reaching a state of "high-quality sobriety" in an accelerated fashion.   The online Group Coaching Program from home helps participants to live in the answer, discover their strengths and to overcome the obstacles that are blocking them from realizing the promises of recovery. 



 Bullet Train to Sobriety is not part of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not rehab.  It is Recovery Coaching developed for the alcoholic-in-recovery who doesn't want to suffer through years of trial and error recovery but would rather fast-track the process and greatly reduce the risk of relapse and unsatisfying outcomes. 

Bullet Train To Sobriety

28 Day Recovery Coaching 

Learn to live without regrets and become the person you were meant to be.

Program Highlights:

  • Recovery doesn't have to be inconvenient 
  • Home-based approach 
  • Accelerated program 

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