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Accelerate Your Recovery and Take Your  Sobriety to the Next Level.



The Flagship of Bullet Train To Sobriety is a 28-Day Program

we call “Rapid Transit Recovery”


It is designed for the alcoholic-in-recovery who wants to take their recovery to the next level.  The emphasis is on reaching a state of “high-quality sobriety” in an accelerated fashion.

 The online Group Coaching Program from home helps participants to live in the answer, discover their strengths and to overcome the obstacles that are blocking them from realizing the promises of recovery.

  Bullet Train to Sobriety is not part of Alcoholics Anonymous. It is not rehab. It is Recovery Coaching developed for the alcoholic-in-recovery who doesn’t want to suffer through years of trial and error recovery but would rather fast-track the process and greatly reduce the risk of relapse and unsatisfying outcomes.


Sobriety doesn't have to be a struggle ....


If you are like most people when you came into recovery you were thinking this isn't going to be much fun.  You probably also worried about not having enough will power to succeed in sobriety.   Those are perfectly normal thoughts to have.  You have made the choice to change your life which would be scary for anyone to do.  But  you need to do more than just change how you live, You need to change how you think. Here's why: Being in recovery and being miserable is not where you want to be.  You don't want to find yourself years from now still struggling. 

Unless you escape the slow-growth and half-hearted methods that so many people try you could end up suffering for years and be putting yourself at great risk of relapse.  Instead you need to reach a state of High-Quality Sobriety as quickly as possible.  The faster you you adapt to recovery and discover how overcome the obstacles to between you and reaching a state of High-Quality Sobriety the sooner you can begin to have more of life's most precious commodity: Enjoyable Time!

Make the shift and you won't ever want to go back your old self-destructive ways.  That's what Bullet Train to Sobriety is all about!  If you plans for recovery is anything short of sensational, then you you need to let in some light and dream bigger!  And in just 21 days this program will show you how. 


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Meet Your Coach

John Merkel CAC (Certified Addiction-Recovery Coach) created Bullet Train to Sobriety to help the Alcoholic-in-Recovery rise above their past limitations and realize the promises of sobriety through an engaging no-nonsense accelerated system. He has coached hundreds of people just like you to change how they see themselves and to realize the promises of recovery.

28 Day Group Coaching Program

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"For almost 2 years I was bouncing in and out of AA, but my prayers were answered when I found The Bullet Train to Sobriety 28 day Program. The simple process gave a fresh start and the basis to establish a strong footing in sobriety. This was simply the best investment of my life." -IG recent graduate 

Bullet Train To Recovery 28 Day Group Coaching 


All the Group Coaching Experiences are designed to bring about awakenings, insights and understandings that will propel your recovery process, so that you won't have wait years to feel the effects of High Quality Sobriety.


You Are Not Alone In This Journey.


Our 28 Day Group Coaching Program is specifically designed for the Alcoholic-in-Recovery.  

We offer a Supportive Community Forum and Professional Recovery Coaching to give you the much-needed edge over risky haphazard methods that many try in early Sobriety.


Become The Grandest Version Of Yourself


Our Group Coaching Program is all about tapping into your strengths and discovering your essential self in ways that will pay dividends in all areas of your life, not just your Recovery Journey. With a well-defined destination and effective support, you will become the resourceful person that you were meant to be.




"I have had the privilege of being a part of the Bullet Train 28 Day Program with two of my Sponsees. I watched my Sponsees , new in sobriety, have profound and pivotal insight and growth. At 7 years of sobriety I found enormous benefit from really exploring the 4th and 5th steps as well as furthering my proficiency and discipline for journaling and stillness. I feel that I now have a solid grasp on effectively and efficiently being able to both use these tools and to “ freely pass it on”. The Bullet Train Program has been ideal for building discipline, ritual, self-care, self awareness, connection with fellowship and with my Higher Power in order to lay the vital foundation required to attain 'high quality sobriety' and the priceless gift of peace of mind ... one day at a time." -CD


"First of all, let me say thanks to everyone responsible for developing this unique program to help educate and enhance my quest for sobriety. After struggling with relapse many times over the past several years, the Bullet Train 28-day Program literally jump-started my journey and helped solidify the basics of the 12-step program in my life. I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to take their to a higher level. It truly works." -LJ

Are You Ready to Take Your Sobriety to The Next Level?

Join Us for This Life Changing 28 Days of Awakenings, Insights and Epiphanies! You'll Never Regret Investing in Recovery.                        

Your Future Self Will Thank You!

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“At 7 years sober I found myself in a very scary place. My life appeared to be perfect; beautiful loving wife, dream home, cars, money in the bank etc. It could not have been any more perfect except for one thing.... I was absolutely miserable.

I was filled with loneliness, discontentment, grief, loss, anger, and self pity.

I was more content at 7 days sober than I was at over 7 years.

To have everything you want and more; still being absolutely miserable, is a scary and confusing place to be. I was ready to walk away from it all and just disappear.
John reached out to me and told me about the program. At first I was interested but my ego said..."it's not for me, I am already 7 years sober". However, after he mentioned it again, a month or so later.... I was willing.
The Bullet Train course was instrumental in accelerating my personal growth, spiritual connection, and recovery back to where it had been once before. I am truly grateful for the experience because I do not know how much longer I would have held on before making terrible life altering decisions.
I would recommend it to anyone from 1 day sober to 30 plus years. Whether you're feeling hopeless or just need a little boost, I assure you if you put a little effort and commitment into the program, you will reap great benefits.”   -CG
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