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Check out 28-Day Group Coaching >>


The Bullet Train to Sobriety's Mission

is to reverse the current trend of

newly sober alcoholics who give up on sobriety

and relapse before the miracle happens.


The Founder of Bullet Train to Sobriety

John Merkel CAC (Certified Addiction-Recovery Coach) created Bullet Train to Sobriety to help the Alcoholic-in-Recovery rise above their past limitations and realize the promises of sobriety through an engaging no-nonsense accelerated system.  

All Bullet Train to Sobriety, Inc. programs recognize and honor the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, although our opinions, content and methods are based on personal experience and do not represent Alcoholics Anonymous.

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Bullet Train to Sobriety has been created specifically for the Newly Sober Alcoholic-in-Recovery or any Recovering Alcoholic who wants to experience the magic of High-Quality Sobriety. We are not part of Alcoholics Anonymous, however all our content was created specifically for the alcoholic in recovery.

Bullet Train to Sobriety exists only to serve the Alcoholic-in-Recovery.

Bullet Train to Sobriety, Inc. is NOT a Treatment Facility.

Bullet Train to Sobriety, Inc. is NOT a Detox and does not offer Therapy

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